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Dynamic was founded in partnership with Progressive Prosthetics & Orthotics of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. Progressive provides ongoing training and consultation with our prosthetists to help them provide the highest level of care to all of Dynamic’s patients. We offer the care amputees need to excel in every area of life, even when their past experiences have made those success seem impossible.

Whether you are reading this from a hospital bed or seeking a better care experience, we are here to help.

Hope in the Face of Adversity

No matter your age or the reason for your amputation, it is natural that concerns and questions may be rushing into your mind. We understand that the best way to cope with limb loss is to have your questions answered and rehabilitation goals set quickly. This is why Dynamic takes an active approach to early prosthetic care by offering patients a relationship with their prosthetist that starts even at the hospital bedside.

First Steps

Confident strides come with training. What starts with your first meeting with our staff will turn into a healthcare relationship that often lasts a lifetime. We first set goals with each individual patient and help you select the prosthetic system that is most compatible with your goals and circumstances. Our staff will meet your prosthetic needs and perform prosthetic specific training, and work towards your rehabilitation and increased strength, endurance, and capabilities.

Getting Back in Routine

As your recovery continues, it is crucial to ensure that your prosthesis is customized for your occupation. Your situation needs the right solution, so you can regain your lifestyle. As a new amputee, your residual limb will continue the healing process internally for many weeks. This healing process involves the typical atrophy of some of the muscle tissue within your limb. This atrophy is in most cases a beneficial process as the muscles re-establish connection and strength. It is not linked to reduced strength and should not be a concern but will play a role in your early prosthetic fit.

Your first few months as an amputee will help you discern your specific needs and preferences in a prosthetic and will often involve the re-fitting of the "socket" or connection interface between your residual and the prosthetic as your limb changes shape.

Full Healing

As a you overcome limb loss you will develop a new and often stronger personal identity as well as a growing sense of accomplishment. True rehabilitation isn't confined to simply walking or returning to work. It comes with time and effort and involves both physical and emotional healing. Whatever your goals are, we are here to help you make it a reality in your life. The sky is the limit.

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